RepresentUs representatives are first and foremost committed to the inclusive principles of civil liberties, social justice and human rights. They also understand that these principles sit upon evidence based economic analysis & insights - informed by the knowledge that our economy serves us - the true owners of our common wealth - rather than us serving the economy.

RepresentUs representatives understand that the health and happiness of their communities - and our open & democratic society - is determined by an authentic commitment to these notions. Therefore, all RepresentUs representatives hold themselves to high personal standards of behaviour and continuous learning about how they can best serve their communities.

Represent For Your RepresentUs Movement

Your RepresentUs movement is powered by your volunteers in your community. However, you will need to achieve a number of milestones in your first year as a probationary RepresentUs candidate before you can start your campaigning.

After you fill out your representative form you will receive a phone call and information on how to get started in making a positive difference in your community and our nation.